Our Weekend

3:11 PM

Our weekend consisted of mostly nothing and it was absolutely perfect.

Saturday we went to brunch with my mom and Dale and then went into the cute antique stores along Fairview that I've been wanting to browse for forever. I really wasn't expecting to find anything, but it's still fun to look.

Brandon has wanted a valet for at least four years now. One of his best friends has one as well as my grandpa and he's always thought they were so neat. I've looked for one on craigslist and other random places for a while now and could never find one. Then, on Saturday, I stumble right on top of one! It's mahogany and in amazing condition. When I called Brandon over to look at it, I can only imagine what random thing he thought I had found. Needless to say, he was pretty excited and we took it home with us right then (it was an amazing deal too!).

Brandon decided that his first outfit on the valet needed to be a special one, so he chose to dress it up in his wedding day attire (with his reception jacket).

Hopefully he'll be able to get more use out of that white dinner jacket in the future!

We woke up to a gray, rainy day on Sunday and decided it was the perfect day to literally do nothing. We stayed in bed all day, watched movies, and it was wonderful. We haven't had a day to just do nothing in so long and we both really needed it.

Yesterday was a long day for me (someone accidentally hit the side of my car in the work parking lot - luckily they left a note), so Brandon decided that we needed to celebrate National Cupcake Day with a trip to The Cupcake Shoppe. I've been wishing for fall weather, so I decided that I could at least get a taste fall with their simply cinnamon cupcake. It was even better than I had hoped and definitely helped pick up my day.

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  1. Love the cupcake shoppe!!! hope your car is okay!

  2. National Cupcake Day? How did I miss out on this? I will just have to celebrate it a little late. A cinnamon cupcake sounds amazing!



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