The Sweet Tea Society

4:03 PM

So techinically, I'm not a Southern Weddings bride blogger anymore. Actually, there isn't any "technically" about it. I'm now a Southern Newlywed instead of a Southern Bride and couldn't be happier. I really thought I would miss all the planning, but let me tell you - being married is just so much better. I really think it's true what they say. If you have problems before, your problems will just get bigger. If you were happy before, you'll only get happier. {Luckily, we're the latter!}

I know that eventually things will catch up and I'll miss having small projects to work on, but that's what friends and families' special occasions, buying a house (eventually), and having babies (after the buying a house part) is for! Right now I'm proud to be a member of "The Sweet Tea Society" and hope to always hold these beliefs and values.

Switch out SEC for ACC and you have my sentiments exactly. 

Are you part of The Sweet Tea Society too?

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  1. I could never get souther wedding or sweet tea society buttons on my blog cause I could never find the html... where did you find it?!?!



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