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Ever since we got back from the honeymoon, Brandon and I have been making a conscious effort to eat at home more. Not only is it saving us a ton of money, but I've really been enjoying trying out new recipes on my husband! Using Pinterest to save all the recipes has been a lifesaver.

Here's what's our menu looks like this week:

Meatballs, mashed red potoatoes, and squash

This is one of Brandon's favorites. It's such a good comfort food for both of us (I grew up my grandma making meatballs and mashed potatoes).

I don't follow a recipe for the potatoes or squash. You just have to make sure with the potatoes that you aren't stingy on the butter or milk.

Shrimp quesadillas with a tomato avocado salsa via Skinny Taste
Photo from Skinny Taste

Pesto chicken pizza (homemade pesto and pizza dough!)

I didn't get a picture of this (we were too busy eating it!). I also kind of winged it on this one, so no official recipe to link.

For the chicken, I put two chicken breasts in the crockpot, and topped them with pesto. I also added some water so the bottom of the crockpot so it would burn. I turned it on low and they cooked for about 5 hours. After it was done cooking, I threw it into the kitchen aid for easy shredding (30 second - maybe less - on low is all you need!).

For the pizza:
-Roll out the dough (I always sprinkle a little cornmeal down first so it's less likely to stick). I used our pizza stone, but you could use a cookie sheet.
-Sprinkle dough with a little bit of kosher salt
-Spread pesto and then add chicken
-Cover pizza with fresh mozzarella slices
-I added sliced tomatoes to ours. It would also be good topped with some fresh basil!
-Cook in the oven at 500 for 15-17 minutes (until dough is brown)

Tilapia Tacos
I LOVE this recipe. It's so light and fresh and takes no time to make. For the tilapia, I just use the spices from the recipe that we have in our cabinet. I hate having to buy a random spice that we won't get much use out of. It also helps with our weekly grocery bills.

Barbecue Chicken Pizza
The last time we made this we used a lot more red onion than the first time and it was even better. (first time is pictured) I did choose to skip the cilantro part (I did with the tilapia tacos too). I just hate buying herbs that don't make that big of a difference when they're just going to go bad!

Do you have any favorite recipes that you want to share? I definitely need some more good recipes to add to our rotation! 

*Some of these photos are from when we had these recipes previously.

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  1. New follower here :) just started my blog this weekend. Congrats on being newly weds it truly is the best! Those dinners look delish, I am working on cooking at least 4-5 home cooked meals (when our schedule allows it) myself.



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