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Since Brandon and I recently hosted a casual engagement party and I just went to one this past Saturday, I thought it would be fun to post some of the ideas that I did and then some of the ideas from the other party.

Here is the invitation I designed for Grace and Justin's party:

Our friend Jay came up with the poem at the top. I love how he tied in strawberry jam (what we made for our wedding favors) and marriage. 

We asked our guests to bring their favorite side dish along with the recipe. Not only did this help us out in terms of feeding 30+ people, but it was fun to help Grace collect some new recipes. I got a cute monogrammed recipe box for her to keep them all in. 

I honestly wish I had been more organized with this party because I felt like I was running around like crazy trying to get everything done. Lesson learned: Friday night parties are difficult after working all day.

One of my favorite things we did and really the only decoration were the photos of Grace and Justin. We strung them up on our porch with twine and used baby clothes pins to pin them up. Here's the picture where I got my inspiration.

We also set out our two bourbon barrels and used them as a "bar" for the bourbon. Since it didn't need to be kept cold, while we had wine and beer inside.

Sarah and Brian's engagement party was on a Saturday afternoon and was so much fun. They had cornhole set up in the backyard and a customized make-your-own burger bar. I was expecting the party to be awesome because Sarah's whole family is very creative, but that burger bar far surpassed my expectations.
In the middle listed all the toppings and on either side listed how Sarah and Brian both liked their burgers with their picture on their side. They had corresponding craft paper labels for all the toppings and even had craft paper tags to go around the bottom of your glass to identify your drink.

I really need to get better at taking pictures of the details at the parties/events we go do. I feel like there's so much that I miss out/can't share with y'all because I don't think to take a picture.

Here is Sarah's sister Kat's blog and etsy store. A lot of her items would make great decorations for a party. I'm obsessed with her dot garland!

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