Fine China

11:52 AM

When Brandon and I were registering, we could not decide on a fine china. It's not that there weren't any patterns that we liked, we just never found one that we could see ourselves using for years and years of family get-togethers. We both decided that we would just register for an everyday that we absolutely adored, and would find our pattern and collect the pieces later.

This weekend I stumbled across this pattern and I absolutely love it, which is surprising considering my luke warm feelings about the 300 other patterns we looked at. It's classic and traditional with a little twist. There's also no beating that polka dot salad plate.

It's definitely not something that we need (or have any room for right now), but it's nice to know that when we get to the point in our lives where we would actually use fine china, we know what pattern we're going to get. Until then, it's still just pretty to look at.

Anna Weatherley Simply Anna

Anna Weatherley Simply Anna Polka Salad

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  1. I finally found some fine china that I like too but I can't quite pull the trigger on picking it out! Do you use your china? I don't think I will use it until I am like 40 and my mom said I will get hers one day so I really just want to wait it out.. but a girl's gotta get some nice fine china for her wedding! did you get real silver too? Any other registry items I must check out??

  2. We actually only have our everyday right now (which is still extremely nice and could be used for formal occasions). We decided to wait and not register for fine china because we couldn't decide on a pattern and would have rather received all of our everyday than a few pieces from each.

    We didn't register for sterling because my mom has the same pattern that my grandmother had and she now has all of it - which is service for 20 and all the serving pieces, so I figured it would be silly to register for it ourselves and probably get a single fork when I'll get hers when we start hosting holidays.

    I would focus your registry on things that you'll actually use on a regular basis. For us, our main registry was at Williams Sonoma because there was a lot of things for the kitchen we wanted because we both really enjoy cooking and entertaining. Since you don't see yourself entertaining with fine china until years from now, I would probably skip registering for it.



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