State vs Carolina

4:34 PM

We're wrapping up a pretty good week with a really fun weekend ahead!

Tonight we have dinner with Brandon's firm at our favorite, 18 Seaboard and then we're heading over to a friend's house who is having some people over.

However, the main event is tomorrow...

This picture is one of my favorites. It reminds me of our tailgating adventures last year and my very own stiff arm block. (story here)

It's a big game for a lot of reasons.
1. Carolina isn't bowl eligible this year, so this is their bowl game (their words, not mine)...but don't worry, we still aren't rivals.
2. A win on Saturday will secure NC State as bowl eligible
3. If we win all of our games from here on our, we'll be facing Florida State in the ACC Tournament (as long as that @NCSUShit doesn't show up).
4. NC State has beat Carolina for 5 years in a row, but can we make it 6??

I'm doing my part to keep the streak alive. 
The last time I went to the State game at Carolina, we lost. I've been to every single home State vs. Carolina home game since the streak started and I haven't been to an away one since. Maybe our relationship is good luck too. The day that Brandon and I decided to be exclusive was the first time in the current streak that we beat Carolina. 

No matter what happens tomorrow, I'll still love my team and I know y'all will still love yours (whatever team that may be).

And if you don't care about the State vs. Carolina game, or football in general, be sure to check out Junior League of Raleigh's A Shopping Spree! There are only 60 days until Christmas, and it's a great way to get a head start on all your shopping!

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