Our Thanksgiving Menu

8:42 AM

Traveling on Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been the norm in my life, but Brandon and I have been trying to cut the driving down to a minimal so we can actually enjoy the holidays and not spend them entirely on the road. I actually think this year will be the first one that I'll be able to watch all of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade because we'll be at home.

Brandon's parents are coming over for lunch on Thanksgiving and I'm so excited to get to host a holiday! It's also nice that it's a small group for the first time, so it won't be too overwhelming. Then we'll drive the 45 minutes to my aunt and uncle's house for dinner with my mom's side of the family and on Friday we'll head to my dad's (who's also in Raleigh) for lunch with his side. One year we were in the car for 6 hours and we both decided that we would never do that again. With cousins' getting married, our families are growing, so I'm sure our plans will change each year, but it's nice that we're all able to compromise and alternate locations!

I really didn't realize how close Thanksgiving was until my mother-in-law asked me what we were having for lunch when we saw them this past Sunday. Luckily, she's the kind of person who was only asking in a "What can I bring?" type of way and not the judgmental sort. Since I had nothing to tell her besides for turkey, I figured I better get on it!

Here's the lunch menu I've decided on. (And thank goodness for Brandon. He's on neck and gizzard duty. I would honestly get sick if I had to deal with that. Needless to say, he'll be making the gravy too).

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  1. Sounds so good. I had a question about something random. Where di you get the vintage decanters for your wedding. I want to get some for Andrew for christmas for his bar.

  2. We got them at different Antique stores in Selma. Mine are actually still available (sale fell through) if you're interested!



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