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For those of y'all that follow me on twitter, you know that I've been wanting to try Pure Barre for forever now. We've been members of our local Y for a while now, but I can never seem to find the motivation to get there. I honestly have zero desire to go walk on a machine after a long day at work. I really needed to find something else that would work for me and I finally decided to try Pure Barre last week. They have a promotion on their website for 4 classes for $40 that I took advantage of. I figured that would be the best and most cost effective way to see if this was something I liked and could commit to.

I was a little nervous heading into my first class (and even my second). I'm definitely no where near in shape and I knew that these classes were definitely going to test me. I wasn't really sure what to except, but I showed up to my first class in Lululemon (isn't that the unofficial uniform of Pure Barre?) and purchased a pair of their sticky socks when I got there. Everyone from the receptionist to the instructor to the ladies taking the class were so nice and friendly. It made me even more excited to start the class because it definitely seemed to be a "no judgement" zone.

The receptionist showed me where to put my stuff and what equipment I'd need for that class. You have the option of choosing 1, 3 & 5 lb. weights, then you get a ball and a resistance band. They have a long straight one and then one that loops together - and just my luck, we needed the more difficult one for my first class.

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Here's the basic gist of Pure Barre:
-It's a 55 minute class (of all women! - Pure Barre studios actually have to be owned/franchised by women)
-Each "segment" of the class focuses on different muscle groups - your core, abs, arms, thighs, lower back, and butt
-You do a combination of moves using your own resistance, the ball, the weight, the resitance band, and the barre
-After each set of lifts/moves, you stretch to help create long, lean muscles
-Equipment: 1, 3 or 5 lb. weight, ball, resistance band, mat, barre
-Attire: yoga type closes and grip socks (Pure Barre sells the socks in their studios)

Final Thoughts:
I would definitely recommend taking this class. It's low impact, but gives you an incredible workout which is especially great for me because I have problems with my right knee. You have to sign up for your class ahead of time which is something that I love. It not only assures that your class size is no more than 20 people, but it also gives you that extra motivation to get to class. It's the hardest workout I've ever done, but I feel amazing and relaxed, albeit exhausted after each class. 

It's not cheap, so it's definitely something that you have to fully commit yourself to if you're going to go the monthly unlimited route. You also have the option to buy classes so you can have a little more flexibility. Another nice thing about Pure Barre is there are no contracts. You sign up for classes/months when you want to and when they expire, you have the option to renew/buy more classes or not.


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