So much to be thankful for!

4:29 PM

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday full of family, friends, and way too many calories! We have been truly blessed this year by so many wonderful events and I'm looking forward the the changes yet to come this year.

I think everything for our first married Thanksgiving turned out pretty great!

I didn't really plan ahead for a fancy tablescape, but I think it ended up looking nice despite its simplicity. I'm sure next year I'll plan ahead a little more so we can have more festive colors on the table (before the food). 

Our first turkey cooked without my brother's help. I'm so impressed with Brandon for this turkey! It not only looks pretty, but it was super moist. It does look a little silly being only a 9 lb. bird in such a large roasting pan!

Here's the entire spread. Needless to say with only 4 people eating on this, we had a ton left over!

Brandon's favorite part of the meal. He actually tried to convince me to let him have a piece of it on Wednesday night!

Brandon getting ready to test out our new cream whipper.

We definitely weren't excited to try it out or anything. Besides, I was just following directions. He said he wanted it all over - and I did just that. 

Here's a complete list with links to all of the recipes I made. There honestly wasn't one that I wouldn't make again!

Apple Cranberry Bake (Recipe link to come)

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  1. What kind of whip cream maker do you have. I would love one!

    1. Brianna, we got the iSi mini cream whipper from Williams Sonoma. It was MUCH cheaper than the regular one and worked great for us.



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