Another wedding to plan!

11:58 AM

I am so excited to share with y'all that my mom is getting married! They got engaged last week while in Hawaii at the most gorgeous hotel and they had an all around marvelous time. I am so happy for them and so excited to help them plan their special day. Mom has already declared me MOH and wedding planner extraordinaire!

Of course as soon as I heard the news (as in, I knew Dale was going to propose - not that they were actually engaged), I made a pinterest board for their wedding. I am so excited by all the fun possibilities for their wedding. It is going to be a small, immediate family only affair, which means it will be even easier to make it personal.

Here is my inspiration board for their wedding. Nothing too over the top or fancy, and since there will be less than 30 people, we can sit at a couple of farmhouse tables put together!

I can't wait to share our planning and ideas with you! Luckily, they don't have to have as long of an engagement as Brandon and I had. Let the fun begin! 

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