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12:37 PM

I know I promised y'all wedding photos this week, but I'm having serious problems uploading the images. I'm working on it and I hope to have the recaps up sometime in the near future!

Brandon and I had a wonderful weekend. We didn't have anything that we had to do, so we had a great time stopping by some of my favorite shops and spending time together.

 Our first stop of the day was Furbish Studio. As if I needed any more reason to want to go there, they were having a 20% off sale (excluding furniture and fabric). Brandon actually really enjoyed looking around. There are so many different knick knacks to look at that he was a happy camper.

These cute pillow came home with us along with a few other small things. We also got a free gift with purchase! You can semi-see it in this photo. It's a large ginger jar tray with Christmas lights!

I fell in love with this chair fabric. Thanks to a friend's expert sleuthing, she found the fabric for me - but $49/yard is pretty steep. Especially since I have two armchairs and an ottoman that need to be recovered. Luckily, mom works for an awesome furniture company and can get fabric for next to nothing. Fingers crossed they have something similar to this!

I adore this painting, but wasn't smart enough to snatch it up for 20% off. It has now found its way onto my Christmas list. The lavender in the painting would help incorporate the lavender of our new pillows and allow for the use of other colors too.

After Furbish we headed to Southern Season because Brandon had never been before. There's so many things to look at and do in that store and we both had a lot of fun. I'd never gotten food from there before, so Brandon and I stopped by their deli. Our sandwiches were amazing and I highly recommend stopping by there for lunch if you're close by.
I got the Piedmont. It was on multi-grain bread with a ton of turkey (which they sliced super thin for me), apples slices, gruyere cheese, and course dijon mustard.

We also swung by the Farmer's Market to get our Christmas tree and wreath. We got a great one this year for a very reasonable price. Nothing beats the smell of a real tree!
I got black and white gingham ribbon to make bows for our tree this year. They definitely add a lot to it and help make the perfect first married Christmas tree! 

Last night for dinner I made a chopped salad and I just had to share the recipe with y'all. I'm pretty sure it was the best salad I've ever had and it was super easy to make! (B loved it too!)

1 container organic romaine lettuce (gives about 4 cups chopped)
1 pear
1/2 cup craisins
1/2 cup toasted pine nuts
4 oz. reduced fat feta
1/4 cup balsamic 
1/2 cup (actually use a little less) poppy seed dressing

1. Chop lettuce and pear into small pieces. 
2. Combine with craisins and feta
3. While you're doing this, toast the pine nuts in the oven on low broil. Make sure to check them often and stir them around so that they don't burn. (Nothing smells worse than burnt pine nuts). Be careful too - they go from not done to burnt in about 2.5 seconds.
4. Combine nuts with other ingredients
5. Toss with dressing*

*You can use a little more or less dressing based on your preferences. Make sure that there's more poppy seed dressing than balsamic.

Adapted from espressoandcream

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  1. Fun! That chair fabric (Kravet Pelagos in the Windsor Smith line) is the same fabric that I have (in green) on the pillows in my library. So, obvi. I love it too. I thought it was even more than $49, so I hope you can find it for less!

  2. That is one of my favorite salads to make! Sounds like yall had a perfect weekend! :)

  3. I love both Furbish AND A Southern Season! There is a toffee brand that will positively change your life that you can find at A Southern Season ... it's called Goodness Gracie. I promise I wouldn't judge you if you ate the entire box in one sitting ... been there. :)



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