MLK Weekend

11:40 PM

How was everyone's weekend? Did anyone get today off of work? Brandon only had to work for part of the day, but it was business as usual for me. It doesn't seem like many people get MLK Day off work anymore.

Our weekend fun started on Thursday because Brandon's boss was nice enough to invite us out to dinner with another associate and everyone's spouses and then took us to the Duke vs. Maryland game. We went to dinner at Pop's which was delicious and happened to be beside the old Ligget & Meyers building. It's always fun to go back to Durham because we have so much family history there. It's also exciting to see the restaurant scene really exploding!

We had such a great time at dinner and it was fun to experience Cameron Indoor. It was a little weird because I was a born and bred Carolina fan and now I'm a die hard Wolfpacker after to going to school there. We didn't say "Go Duke" in our house growing up, but even I can appreciate Cameron Indoor and I definitely feel for the teams that have to play there. I can't imagine trying to focus enough to make a free throw with all the distraction from their student section. It's actually probably similar to what our opponents are being treated to at PNC this year (hopefully that will help us when we play at Duke!). Brandon's boss has great seats and we definitely got to see a good game!

North Carolina got a little snow on Thursday, but nothing that kept anyone but some schools from being on a regular schedule. I keep hoping for a really big snow, but we haven't had one of those in quite some time. 

We happily had nothing on our agenda and spent a relaxing weekend together without doing or accomplishing much. Brandon did get to go to the NC State vs. Clemson game on Sunday where we scraped by with the win!

Our minister delivered a great sermon on Sunday. He's always so truthful and honest in his sermons and I love how he related it to MLK Jr. day and his own life experiences growing up in the 50s and 60s. They haven't uploaded his e-sermon yet, but I'll be sure to link it when they do!

"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." -MLK Jr.*
*We could always use the reminder to strive to be better.

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