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9:37 AM

Thank you so much for all of your pillow recommendations! I got lots of great recommendations on here and from friends and family. I wanted to post a recap of the pillows that we've narrowed it down to, just in case anyone else is looking for a new pillow too.

I know that some of these are pretty expensive, but if there's anything you should spend a little bit more on, isn't it a good night's sleep?

Pacific Coast Down Enhance Standard Pillow (from Macy's)
Regularly $190, but currently on sale for $109.99 with an extra 15% off at checkout.

Not only is the sale price really appealing on these pillows, but the have a 30 day comfort guarantee. It makes me feel a lot better knowing that we can return them if they don't end up working out for us.

These pillows seem to be a little different than the ones they sell on their actual website.

Pacific Coast Luxury Down Pillow
Regularly $149.99, but currently on sale for $119.99.
The pillows on their website also have a 5 year guarantee.
Our extremely soft 680 thread count cover is filled with our finest 700 fill power White Goose Down for incredibly fluffy comfort. Combines the best of all materials to provide unparalleled luxury every night. Made in the USA of imported materials.

Pacific Coast Double DownAround® Pillows with AllerRest®
Regularly $59.99, but currently on sale for $47.99
Our best-selling pillow design now has allergen protection! The Double DownAround® pillow-in-a-pillow design has an inner pillow of small feathers to provide resilient support, while a fluffy outer pillow of down cradles you in luxurious comfort. 60% more down than the AllerRest® DownAround®pillow for added softness. Our exclusive 300 thread count AllerRest Fabric®is specially woven and lab tested, verifying that it is an effective barrier to protect you from dust mites and their allergens. Made in the USA of imported materials.

$129, but you can use your 20% off coupon at BB&B, making them $103.20

The TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow combines the softness you want in a pillow with the comforting head and neck support you need to relax. Treat yourself to the wonderfully soft feeling of sleeping on a cloud.
Here's the one thing that's kept me from getting this pillow:
"Given the personal nature of this product, we cannot accept returns."
No returns, no 30 day trial period. You buy it, you love it, great. You buy it, you love it, you're out of luck (and $100). I really want to get this pillow and I really want to love it. 

When mom was shopping for a new bed, we laid on the TEMPUR-Pedic Cloud bed and it was the most comfortable thing ever. I really want the pillow to be like that, but it's gotten so many mixed reviews that I'm still torn.


This is definitely the most pricey pillow of the group and the most difficult to obtain.
You can only purchase this pillow through one of it's stores, and the closest one to us is an hour away. It is pretty close to Brandon's parents, but they aren't open on Sunday's - which is when we normally go visit them.
The Xleep pillow incorporates a revolutionary inner spring system—encased in a white goose down–filled removable cover—that keeps it firm and supportive over time.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Home Density Pillows

Regularly $20, but currently on sale for $9.99

Medium, Firm and Extra Firm Density Pillows are distiguished by different color logos. Medium for stomach sleepers, Firm for back sleepers and Extra Firm for Side Sleepers. Find the perfect pillow for any sleeping style.
I think I'm going to get these to replace the embarrassingly flat pillows we current have in our pillow shams. At $20, and for secondary pillows, you can't get much better than these!

I'm really leaning towards getting the Pacific Coast Luxury Down pillows. They seem to have the best reviews over all and it's really putting them over the top that there's a 30 day trial period on top of a 5 year warranty. I'd love to try the Duxiana pillows, but we just can't justify $500 on new pillows right now. I might also have to go check out the TEMPUR-pedic clouds at BB&B one last time.

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  1. I we didn't have some BB&B gift cards, I don't think we would have gone for the Tempurpedic Cloud pillow. It's definitely a pricey choice that can't be undone!

  2. This makes me want to invest in good pillows. Follow up and let us know what you end up choosing.

    1. We actually ended up ordering the Pacific Coast luxury down pillows last night. I'll definitely let you know how we like them!



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