Living Room Redo

2:11 PM

I've started to tackle some of my goals for 2013. First up on that list is redoing our living room. 

Here is our living room now. It's not terrible, but it could definitely use some attention.

I've finally decided on a second pillow to go with our lavendar spotted ones.
I had originally found these pillows through pinterest. The seller no long had the kelly green color, but she had lots of other great options. I highly recommend checking out this shop if you're in need of new pillows.
I settled on the chartreuse green and can't wait for our pillows to come in! They have the same white piping as the pillows above. 
The main thing we have to do in this room is get the club chairs and ottoman recovered. These were a hand-me-down from mom and I love these chairs, but even she comments that they need to be recovered every time she sees them. I think they've held up great considering we've had these chairs for almost 30 years and they've had this fabric on them for 14.
I originally thought I wanted to put a gray and white patterned fabric on them, but I've decided to go with a solid gray fabric that has a texture to it so I can incorporate more pattern and color with our pillows and other details. Fabric can get expensive fast, but I'm lucky that mom works for a great furniture company and can get high quality fabric for practically nothing. I'm hoping she'll be able to look for some soon.

I'm hoping for a texture/fabric similar to this - in gray.
taken at Palm Avenue in Cameron Village
I've also started to collect a few things for our gallery wall. This is definitely the project in this room that will take the longest. I don't want to just buy things for the sake of completing the wall. I want it to represent both of our personalities and tastes.
This print

Convex federal mirror
I also have my eye on this M.
Here is the overall look that I'm going for. I love how it makes the TV blends into the wall and isn't the sole focal point.
via Little Green Notebook
I'll also be tackling some pelmet boxes like these. I'm thinking of going with a chartreuse color with white detailing to mimic the pillows.
via Little Green Notebook (with tutorial)

There are a few other odds and ends I want to do in this room, but I think this is plenty to tackle for now.

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