Our Pillows: The Review

8:30 AM

We love them. They're amazing. Seriously. If I had one complaint about them it would be that we didn't buy them years ago. Pillows aren't miracle workers and you aren't magically going to sleep through the night every night, but a good pillow certainly helps.

We've been sleeping on them for two weeks now and I am so happy we went with these. I no longer have neck/back pain in the morning because my head is actually getting the support it needs. Since they're part down, they fluff up great and have so far retained their shape. I know two weeks isn't thaaaat long, but still. They still look new and not all smooshed. I'm going with it.

[Please don't judge my wrinkly sheets. Do people actually iron their sheets anymore? ]

They have numbers on their tags where you can register them (we haven't done that yet), which is pretty neat. It helps keep track of the 5-year warranty that you get with the pillows. I'm not sure what all the warranty covers besides for "defects." I need to do more research to see if that covers your pillow if it were to get flat/lumpy over the next five years.

We got the luxury down and they're still 20% off! They have tons of different pillows to choose from, so I'm sure that anyone would be able to find one that works for them. The luxury down are fluffy enough that your head sinks down into them nicely, but there's still enough support that you're not sinking all the way down to your mattress.

If you need new pillows, I would definitely recommend looking into Pacific Coast.

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