Our Wedding: The Ceremony

8:30 AM

Happy Valentine's day, y'all!
I was planning on sharing our bridal party/family photos, but I figured this would be the most logical recap to post today.

Our ceremony was perfect. Yes, I may have chosen the longest hymn ever (I seriously had no idea - but it was so long) and it caused mom and I to start cracking up at the altar, but it was perfect. I wouldn't change a single detail. Especially because at the end of it, I got to walk up the aisle with the man I love who was then and will forever be, my husband. What could be better than that?

I'll also do another post with our ceremony order after all the photo recaps are done. I thought I had already done this, but clearly I am the ultimate wedding recap slacker. We incorporated some aspects to make our ceremony a little different (and longer)  than the traditional United Methodist ceremony and those details are my some of my favorite parts.

Photo on the left thanks to Meredith's husband, Kevin

Photos by Kellie Kano

Other recaps:

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  1. Of course I loved the ceremony - everything was beautiful and you were gorgeous! I think one of the great moments was at the end (besides the vows), when the two groomsmen who walked without bridesmaids - the one (blond one) looked at the other, offered his arm (as if to escort a lady) and the look the dark haired one gave him back - omg, the entire congregation cracked up! I'll remember that forever - I love moments like that! BTW, I hope I look as stunning as your mom when E gets married!

    1. Thanks M! :) They were such good sports when I told them they were walking back up the aisle together. Good thing they're best friends!



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