Our Wedding: Engagement Pictures

8:30 AM

Backtracking just a little bit (to August 2011)...

Maybe one day we'll take photos when it isn't insanely hot outside. It wasn't as hot for our engagement pictures as it was on our wedding (since our wedding had record breaking temperatures), but maybe one day we'll take photos when it isn't sweat inducing weather.

Seriously though, I wish we could do all of it again.

Photos by the wonderful Kellie Kano

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  1. Your engagement pictures are beautiful and so was your wedding, I love rustic and vintage stuff! What part of NC are you from?

    1. Thank you! We definitely tried to have our personalities shine through in our wedding day. I was born in Durham, but grew up in Greensboro and then Jamestown/High Point and now live in Raleigh. Brandon's from Laurinburg (Eastern NC).

    2. It really showed!! I am also from NC and live near the mountains. I love this state, its so beautiful & I couldn't imagine living anywhere else!

    3. I do too! It's always been home and it'd be super weird to live anywhere else.



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