Our Wedding: The Reception Part I

8:30 AM

Our reception was so much fun and it was awesome driving up towards The State Club and seeing that big white tent. It was such a surreal moment. We had cocktail hour inside before everyone made their way into the tent for dinner and dancing. Luckily, we were smart enough to have fans in the tent, but it was still insanely hot. I'm so appreciative to all of our family and friends for sticking through it for us and still making it one heck of a party!

I'm splitting the reception recap into two posts because even split twice, there are a lot of photos. It's just so hard to narrow them down! I'm never going to be able to narrow all of them down to 75 for our album.

Captured by Kellie Kano

Other recaps:
Bridal Party and Family Photos

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! We made extra, so we've been eating off of it all this year. We're definitely going to make some every spring for our family and close friends because they all told us how much they loved it! :)

  2. I love your wedding reception. It looks elegant. The color theme you chose really gave the place a classy appeal. The rum barrels were the ones that caught my attention though. It somewhat gave the place a twist. ;)

    Neva Modzelewski

    1. Thank you! They're actually vintage bourbon barrels that we go from Kentucky!

  3. Hi Kelsey! I just came across your blog and am in love with every darn detail of your wedding :) Can I ask what you had framed for your guestbook? We know we would like to do something similar for our wedding in November but can't decide what to frame! Feel free to email me-- katiebelle85@gmail.com. Thank you!!



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