25% Off at J.Crew

9:13 AM

J.Crew's at it again. Tempting me with sales and their new spring fashions. I've been able to resist the temptation so far, but mostly only because I'm a little miffed with them. They STILL don't offer their white toothpick jeans in tall. Such discrimination. I've actually emailed them about this before. Tall girls need cute pants too. 

They also have the cutest pajamas right now, but the 26 1/2" inseam just isn't going to work for me. I need a 30" inseam on my cropped pants...so pretty much those pajamas would be 9" too short on me (before they shrunk in the dryer). Maybe one day J.Crew, maybe one day.

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  1. Oh so tempting! I have never had to worry about too short of an inseam especially with Jcrew! All of their jeans and sometimes even tops have to be hemmed! I have always wanted to be just a few inches taller :)



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