Meal Planning: Week 1

10:16 AM

Sorry to have been MIA for so long! Things have been pretty busy around here, but nothing that's seemed blog worthy. Mom and I got a lot done for the wedding this weekend and I'll post more on that later this week.

I've been loving Julia's weekly meal posts and thought I would start doing some of my own. Planning out the meals ahead of time has really helped us to eat at home more, which is definitely more economical. There is of course still the occasional night where we scrap our at home meal plans and either go out to eat or we pick something up or go out with friends. It's just nice knowing that we have things planned out ahead of time, which makes it much easier to come home to after work.

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  1. I have made that version of shrimp and grits before. Its pretty good. I like the more traditional version with a bacon and tomato sauce better that I found on food network.

    1. I'm not a huge bacon or tomato sauce fan, so this recipe is great for us. It's super easy too, which is nice after a long day at work! :)

  2. Oh, how I love shrimp and grits!

    I use a meal-planning service to take care of the research and stuff, so all I have to do it shop and cook. There are several out there, I use, which is run by a group of chefs. Love the food, and actually having time to cook for my kids again.

    It's pretty cheap too, at $5/month...especially considering the time (and fast food money, lol) it saves me!

    Thanks for the great post, I'm SO going to try your brisket tacos!




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