Meal Planning: Week 3

9:08 AM

Last week I just was not feeling half the stuff I had planned for us to eat. Do y'all ever get like this? Hopefully we'll do better this week. We still used the stuff I had bought, just in different ways, so it all worked out.

I couldn't find the basil needed for Tuesday's salad dressing, so I picked up a pre-made one. It was not good. At all. So I improvised and from there we just kind of winged it. It's good to give yourself a little leniency when it comes to what you're eating.

We try not to eat out a lot during the week, but we've been making a point to get together with friends on a more regular basis and this week just happens to also be my monthly Junior League get together with my small group.

I'm also really looking forward to this short work week. As of right now (knocks on wood), Brandon also has Friday off. This NEVER happens! 

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  1. Yumm we had bbq chicken pizza last night and even found a decent gluten free crust

    1. I've been slacking and getting the whole wheat crust from Whole Foods. It's just so much easier than making your own. Where did you find the GF crust?



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