Meal Planning: Week 6

11:56 AM

Things have been kind of hectic in dinner world around our house lately. Between getting back from San Diego and Brandon being in trial last week, meals have been sort of hodge podge around here. I thought this week was going to be relatively normal too, but there are more things on our calendar than I had originally thought. In case you didn't know, Wednesday = May. How did that happen!?

Tuesday is the Grand Opening of Madewell at Crabtree. This was exciting in and off itself, and then one of the broker's told me that his wife, Helen would be there with her company; Style Hawk, styling people at the event! Make sure you stop by if you're in the Raleigh area on Tuesday night.

Thursday I have my Junior League Provisional End-of-Year dinner, so I'm hoping to make enough for dinner tonight and Wednesday that Brandon can eat leftovers the night's I'm not home.

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