Happy Weekend

8:00 AM

After an unusually chilly Spring, peonies have finally made their way to Whole Foods. They're 5 stems for $9.99. You really can't beat the price or the mood they put you in. They're beautiful and smell delicious. It was definitely the mood pick-me-up I needed on Monday.

Do y'all have any fun weekend plans? Mom and I are spending Saturday finishing up some last minute wedding details. I can't believe they're 9 days out! Single digits! There is definitely something to be said for a short engagement and a small wedding. 

I have a feeling one night this week we'll end up having a cookout at the farm. It's not Memorial Day without a cookout! We're fashion rule purists over here, so you better believe we'll also be pulling out our white and seersucker for the first time! 

As another side note, I've finished re-adding all the pictures back to the blog that were lost. I know it's insane and very time consuming, but what's the point of having chronicled our wedding planning process if there aren't any pictures to go along with it?

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