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Good morning lovelies! I know I've been MIA around here lately, but we've had so much going on and none of it has seemed particularly interesting. May is Brandon's busy season and that it certainly is. For those of you who don't know, Brandon is an education law attorney. Some counties have his firm on retainer and others just call them in when there's a problem. These problems are anywhere from student issues to budget disputes or teacher issues (whether it be inappropriate actions or not being effective teachers). It's hard to plan out dinners when you're not sure what time your husband will be home from work. I don't know about you, but I don't really care what I eat when It's just me. Yogen Fruz anyone?

Here's what we've been up to, even though I of course, have no pictures...

For Mother's Day, we hosted my immediate family, and my aunt, uncle, and two cousins for dinner at our house. We had a great time and I'm hoping we can do things like that much more often.

This past Friday we went to dinner at Heron's for an attorney dinner with B's firm. The food was good, but the company is even better. We're both extremely blessed to have Brandon working for this firm. It's not only a great place to work and he loves what he's doing, but everyone he works with (and their spouses) are fantastic and we had a wonderful time.

Mom's wedding is fast approaching and we're almost down to single digits! We're super close to having everything taken care of. We just have to find time somewhere to make the jam. Saturday we had a girls day with mom, my aunt Marcia, and cousin Caitlin. We had brunch at Coquette and then got manis and pedis. The quiche there is amazing. I highly recommend it.

Sunday we traveled to B's hometown to celebrate his grandma's 86th birthday. We met his parents in Southern Pines for lunch before we went to the party. We stopped at The Ice Cream Parlor and it was so good. We'd never stopped in downtown Southern Pines before and they have so many cute restaurants and shops. A lot of them are closed on Sundays, so I look forward to going back when they're all open.

*Apparently something's up with my blog header...I'm going to need to look into that. #mondays

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