Meal Planning: Week 7

5:02 PM

We've been having the most un-spring Spring I can ever remember us having. It's chilly, rainy, and cloudy. I'm ready for the weather to get nice and stay nice. It was so blah here yesterday that we even skipped out on going to the Farmer's Market. This weather is definitely giving us a case of the lazies.

Thursday night I'm going to Cowfish for dinner with the girls. I've been wanting to try it since it opened and Sarah being in town from Tampa is the perfect reason! Brandon's headed to the Durham Bulls game that night with some of our other friends and I'm sure he'll be eating some yummy barbecue from The Pitt.

I've made all of these recipes before and I know we both love them. One of the best things about the enchiladas is that it makes so many that we can eat the leftovers for lunches or save it for Saturday night's dinner.

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