Wedding Week

8:51 AM

I can't believe it's already Mom and Dale's wedding week! I don't know whether it's because this is a small wedding or because I've already planned a wedding before, but we are on top of things. Literally the only things left to do are tie the ribbon onto the jam jars, pick up our dresses, and drop the stuff off at The Carolina Inn. Talk about a stress-free wedding week. I highly recommend it.

I'm so looking forward to seeing all of our family this week. My grandparents are coming in from New York and it's always so much fun to see them. My grandpa is literally the man with a million stories. This weekend will be all about family and good food, which is exactly what Mom and Dale wanted. 

It's so exciting how everything has so easily fallen into place and I know everything is going to be absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to see all the moments Kellie captures and the gorgeous flowers that Becky will create.  I'm also ecstatic with how all of the paper products (via and via) turned out and I can't wait for y'all to see them in their entirety! 

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