Weekend Recap

8:00 AM

Peony Season!

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend even though Brandon had to work all day on Monday. Friday night we went to see the Hangover Part III. Our original plan was to go see The Great Gatsby, but we missed the 7:10 showings and it wasn't playing again until 10:30. No thanks. Fortunately, the last installment of The Hangover was hilarious. It might be my favorite one (and I did not like the second one). There were so many parts where we (and the entire theater) were cracking up. Definitely a great start to the weekend.

Saturday Mom and I finished some last minute wedding errands and B finally got a minute to make the jam. He made enough for the wedding on Saturday, but we still have some more to make. We've had numerous requests from people that want some jam (like his entire office) and I also want to have some to give as hostess gifts this year. For the wedding we used the 4 oz. jars again, but for everything else we're using the 8 oz jars.

Saturday night we went to Angus Barn for a pre-wedding celebration dinner. Jennifer was our waitress and she was seriously the best waitress ever. She was the perfect amount of attentive, extremely nice, and over heard me say the brussel sprouts were so yummy and I wish I had some more, and next thing I know, she laid a to-go box of them beside me. 

Saturday I also found out that I won the Moon & Lola instagram earring giveaway! I've been wanting those earrings for a while and it's even more exciting that I won them! I was jumping up and down like a crazy person. The have some of the cutest stuff online and even more in their store on Wilmington Street in downtown Raleigh.

Sunday after church we headed to Clayton for a little farm life. It's so relaxing out there and the dogs love running around. Mom and Dale have a really impressive garden they plant every spring. We had a mini-cookout that night and got to eat dinner outside under the pecan tree.

The green past the first row is part of their garden too.

This barn is where we found the 100 year old door for the bourbon bar

Now that it's unofficially officially summer, it's time to break out those white pants and seersucker! I'm also feeling a draw to the ocean, but we won't be able to get out there until our anniversary (which will be here before either of us know it!).

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