{Anniversary} Weekend + Road Trips

8:00 AM

We've had an extremely busy week with all of our birthday celebrations. Brandon worked all of last weekend, so I'm hoping for a bit of relaxation and maybe even a day trip to the beach? I'll settle for a trip to the farmer's market and eating dinner in our backyard though. Mostly I'm so excited to celebrate our first anniversary and finally give Brandon his present. It's been hidden at our house for weeks now!

The weather forecast for today is 19° cooler than it was on our wedding day, but with the 30% chance of thunderstorms, I happily stand by the heat of our day as opposed to putting everyone in a metal tent in a thunderstorm.

As part of my birthday gift from Meredith, she gave me the 36 Hours book by The New York Times and I can't wait to take our first weekend road trip with it as our guide. There are so many great towns that we could drive to for a weekend getaway that I really want to take advantage of it. Our summer vacation this year is with my family, so it'd be nice to get away just the two of us. Even if it is just for a weekend. 

Where would y'all go on a weekend getaway? I'm always a fan of Charleston, but i'd be fun to explore some new places too!

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