Bar of the Day

8:00 AM

I love a nicely styled bar and have appreciated one even before I was of age to start drinking. My grandmother and great grandmother always had perfectly stocked and styled bars (as any good hostess should) and I hope to one day follow in their footsteps. We don't have a place for our own bar cart right now, but I'm hoping to style a make-shift on the buffet in our dining room until we can figure out a good spot for one.

I adore the bar carts over at Society Social (and will probably feature lots of different styled ones over here), but it needs to have a proper spot before we make the investment in one of our own.

I know this isn't a bar cart, but it's the first bar I've ever put together and it'll always hold fond memories for us and our wedding guests, so I figured, what a better kick off for this new "series" than the bourbon bar from our wedding?

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