Bedding Decisions

8:00 AM

One of my goals for June was to finally decide on new bedding for our bedroom and I've finally made up my mind (for the most part). I think this is something that we're both going to be very happy with for a long time.

Besides for the bedding, I really want to have a new headboard made. Luckily, mom works for a furniture company and the upholsterer can do this for us for a pretty reasonable price. I'd love to find either this fabric or something very similar to this Charlotte Moss fabric to upholster the bed in.

The other option would be to keep the headboard white a la Jamie Meares and use the blue fabric for euro shams and a bed skirt. Brandon voted that this headboard shape was his favorite.

I adore Matouk bedding (mom recently redid her bed in a beautiful blue hue). I'm also a huge fan of white bedding. The blue trim (shown on the top and bottom pillows) makes it pop and I'd monogram the shams in a coordinating blue color.

In our bedroom now, we have the most beautiful custom made dresser that used to be my great grandmothers. Our current bedside table really doesn't go with it, so I'd love to find something similar to this when we go to the Hillsville Flea Market in September in a natural wood that matches our dresser.

Once the bigger things are taken care of, I'll worry about art and curtains for the one window. Baby steps...

And thoughts? What would you do. Patterned headboard with all white bedding or the white headboard with patterned euro shams and bedskirt? I think I'm leaning towards the latter.

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  1. Definitely white headboard with patterned shams. It's easier to change bedding than a headboard. We're working on our bedroom too, beginning with a mattress (we currently have a king bed with a full mattress on it! It's ridiculous...)

    1. That's what I'm leaning towards too! :) Good luck on the bedroom updating!



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