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2:41 PM

I'm feeling a bit under the weather today and between the rain from the tropical storm and my sore throat, I wish I was snuggled up under my covers watching a movie. I also need to figure out what new covers those will eventually be. There are so many great beds out there, that it's hard to pick just one to make our own. I guess that's why people have guest bedrooms?

I love how Charlotte Moss made a half canopy look here with that gorgeous fabric. It brings in enough interest that you could do an all-white bedding with blue trim. A headboard covered in this fabric would also be gorgeous. 

There's something about florals and pinks in a bedroom that I'm just drawn too. I think I'm drawn to pink in general, but it's definitely not a masculine look. You could definitely switch things up a bit with a dark wood bedside table, but I'm not sure this is right direction for us. Maybe one day [a long time from now] when we have a daughter, I'll revisit this room.

Something like this could really work for us. It's a good combination of pattern and solids, masculine and feminine. Unfortunately, as renters, we don't have free rein over changing our walls and they'll stay their current neutral, but we could definitely bring in the colors and mix that they have in this room.

One day, I will have wallpaper in my house. It seems so funny to want that because of the bad rap wallpaper got during the 80s and 90s, but have y'all seen it lately? It's amazing. 

There's something about a canopy bed that I just like - even if it's just a 4-poster without the canopy. It looks so warm and inviting. And if you have a dark wood bed, you could also get away with more feminine bedding/color in a master bedroom. Our room right now is too small for a poster bed, but maybe one day!

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