How To: Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

8:00 AM

For Sarah's bachelorette shower I (plus Brandon) made the tissue paper tassel garland that have been floating around Pinterest. I was happily surprised that they weren't difficult to make, just a little time consuming. I'm definitely planning on making more of these in the future. 

You need:
-tissue paper (in a few different colors)
-paper slicer
-cord ribbon

Step 1. Fold the tissue paper in half. Then fold it again the other way. I then folded it one more time so I wouldn't have to cut so many individual strips.

Step 2. Cut strips to create a fringe, starting at the end with where there isn't a fold. Leave 1" or so at the top. You can do this with scissors, but I found it easier, quicker, and much more even/straight to use a paper slicer. I also found that cutting skinnier strips led to more fun finished tassels. I would make the strips 1/4", but no thicker than 1/2".

Step 3. Open the piece of tissue paper and cut down the center (along the fringe, not against it). This will create 2 even pieces that you can then roll into tassels.

Step 4. Roll the tissue paper tightly down the middle crease. This does require some patience. (This is where Brandon came in handy). 

Step 5. Once the paper is completely rolled, fold the paper in half and twist it so there is a small opening to feed the ribbon through. The paper will stay on it's own. Make sure to fluff the paper our so it all hangs down.

Step 6. String your tassels onto the cord or ribbon. We did a small knot at the top of each tassel so they would stay in place.

Step 7. Hang and enjoy!

Personal experience side note: Don't cram your beautiful, finished garland into a bag for transport (especially on a hot day). That's why the finished photo is a bit wrinkled.

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