Mom's Wedding: The People

8:00 AM

When planning our wedding, Brandon and I researched a lot of different vendors before we chose who we ultimately worked with on our wedding day. Not only did we gain wonderful relationships with these people, but they helped to make our wedding day everything we wanted it to be and more. Because of those relationships, mom wanted to work with a lot of the people we had chosen. It's nice to not have to worry about certain things because you know they'll turn out even better than you could envision.

Mom used Kellie Kano for capturing the day, Tre Bella for the flowers, Ginger Mullins for hair and makeup, and Sweet Memories for the cake. We also got my dress from Bella Bridesmaid, where my girls' bridesmaid dresses were from.

I think the most important thing in choosing your wedding "people" is to get along with them. There are people in the wedding industry, just like in normal life that you won't click with and then there are people that you feel like just get you. Every one is different, so just because you know someone that loved who they used doesn't mean you will. Make sure you take the time and research them and meet with them. It's okay to not hire someone even if you've met with them. They could do beautiful work, but it might not be your style. This is your one wedding day. It's okay to be picky and opinionated (just don't let it overshadow what the day is really about).

With mom's wedding, we were fortunate to work with a few new people as well. Mom's wedding at the Carolina Inn was wonderful. All of the staff there is so amazing to work with. There literally wasn't a single request that they didn't come through on. Melissa was our main contact and was very patient with all of our extremely detailed lists, charts, and instructions, while Patrick; the catering manager, was wonderful the day of with anything we needed in regards to food or drinks.

For all things paper and calligraphy, we used Heather at Paper Please Studio and Brianne at Brown Fox Calligraphy. Heather did the custom monogram, invitations, ceremony programs, guest book, and ceremony seating sign, while Brianne did the calligraphy on the invitation envelopes and the place cards. Everything turned out fantastic and they were both an absolute pleasure to work with. I could not have been happier with how everything turned out.

Photo credit: Caitlin Compton

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