Mom's Wedding: Sneak Peek

8:00 AM

Kellie posted this gem on Facebook last week and I just had to share with y'all. She also wrote the sweetest caption to go along with it, "Because some of the greatest fairytales involve second chances." Truer words could not been spoken about these two.

It’s also really neat to see mom’s wedding sneak peeks and mine posted in the same album. Kellie has been there to capture some of the most important days of our lives so far and we are so grateful to her. I know these are pictures that my whole family will always treasure.

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  1. So true about Tina's dad..... such a hypocrite! ugh that whole scene just grossed me out. rumor has it tina and tarz are already divorcing.... I guess we'll find out at the reunion after next weeks finale!

    1. Oh my! I can't wait to see the reunion to get the scoop. A lot of them seemed to not really know each other before they got married!



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