Weekend Recap

8:00 AM

When I was describing my weekend to someone, this quote from SATC 2 came to mind. "And there Big and I found ourselves, somewhere between crazy sex and a baby." Saturday night was a fun bachelorette party with some of my bests while Sunday we went to a pool party as an early father's day surprise for our friend's first father's day. We're definitely somewhere between the craziness of single life and wedding planning and having babies. And for now, I'm perfectly content with that.

The world's most helpful husband helping me get ready for Saturday night.

Saturday during the day was Sarah's bridal shower hosted by her two sisters.

Saturday night we stayed at the Proximity and had dinner at their restaurant, Print Works Bistro. I highly recommend both if you ever find yourself in Greensboro. The food and atmosphere for both were fantastic and made for a perfect start to our night. 

The tissue paper got a little wrinkled in transport. Tutorial coming later this week!

Terrible picture before going out

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