{Anniversary} Weekend Recap

8:00 AM

On Saturday, Brandon had to work until 5 (a reoccurring pattern in our life lately), so I did pretty much nothing until he got home. We then headed to Jibarra for margaritas and chips and guac. It was good, but pretty expensive for what it is. And you have to pay for chips and salsa. Isn't that against Mexican restaurant rules?

We then headed to Videri next door. A chocolate factory! Y'all. If you live here, are visiting, or just driving through, you need to stop by. You can take a tour of the factory (during the week you can actually watch them make the chocolate), and you get free samples. Definitely check it out.

We finished our evening with White House Down. I was a little worried about how my patriotic self would react to people attacking the Capitol and White House, but it was actually really good! It's obviously not the best action movie that's ever been made, but definitely worth a watch. 

Sunday was our anniversary and it was absolutely perfect! Brandon had a wonderful day planned out, but we only ended up doing half the things on his list because we opted to relax at home for part of the day since things have been so busy lately. 

I woke up waaaay earlier than usual (it seriously felt like Christmas), so Brandon ended up making us breakfast since lunch/brunch reservations were a long way away. He made the yummiest omelets with Gouda and mushrooms with fresh blueberries on the side. He also surprised me with gorgeous peonies!

We then exchanged cards (our paper) and gifts before heading to Mandolin for brunch. I swear my husband is one of the most romantic people ever. He picked Mandolin because it's where we had our first date (even though at the time it was EVOO,  not Mandolin). 

Dinner was at Angus Barn - a place that our family loves to go for celebrations. We brought the sparkling wine that The Cloister had given us on our honeymoon to drink with dinner. A delicious dinner later and they brought us out one of their famous pound cakes with a roman candle on top! 

After dinner, we cut into our year old cake. It may have looked really sad, but it was delicious! It had completely fallen over on our wedding day last year because of the heat, but the flavor was still there. I had high hopes for it when I took it out of the freezer and it still smelled good and it did not disappoint. I wrapped it in tons of saran wrap and then put it in a air tight container and that definitely did the trick. I'm still looking forward to our anniversary top tier that we're picking up next week. Who doesn't love free cake!?

Overall it was a wonderful anniversary spent with my favorite person. It doesn't get better than that!

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