Bedroom Update

8:00 AM

Mom went with me on Sunday to order our new Matouk bedding. I'm so excited that we're finally starting this process! I love our little house and since we'll probably be here a good 2 more years, I want it to be as homey as possible. It's can't believe that at the end of August, we'll already have lived here for two years. Time really does fly.

Mom ordered her own new bedding the end of January and it took f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to come in, so I'm expecting to put my patient pants on and have to wait a while. Hers wasn't even a custom order, and it took until the end of May to come in (4 months), so with ours having a custom trim, I'm hoping we'll have it by the holidays.

Mom's bedding

Mom went with the Diamond Pique in Azure. Since they have a king size bed, they ordered three Euro shams. Matouk's Euro shams must be larger than a typical euro sham because her pillows don't nearly fill out the shams like ours do, so she's ordered the 28" inserts to see if that works better. Her bedroom is definitely still a work-in-progress too. I can't wait to see her finished product!

The above was my inspiration for the blue trim on our bedding. When I emailed Matouk, they told me that trim was their "periwinkle" color. I'm not sure if it photographed very differently than their samples, but it definitely looked nothing like the swatch.

To me, it looks the most like the Cadet Blue swatch. I narrowed it down to the Cornflower and the Cadet Blue swatches (even the the Sea Island swatch was appealing because of it's name). 

I ordered the Lanai bedding because the trim is a tape/ribbon as opposed to thread, so it should stand out more. I ordered it with the cornflower trim. It's a little lighter than I had originally planned on going, but Brandon and mom both liked it better than the Cadet Blue.

I'll be getting the shams monogrammed once they come in. I decided not to get them done through Matouk because the prices are ridiculous. Depending on the size monogram you want, the cost is anywhere from $40-$140 PER SHAM! Y'all. That's insane. I can take it to my girls at Monograms Inc. and they'll do it for $15/sham. And I'll get them back much faster.

Now to just find this fabric.
I literally looked for hours on Sunday. Charlotte Moss designed this room and that's all I've got. I even commented on this photo on her facebook page a month ago to try to get some more details and never heard anything.

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  1. the bedroom was featured in the Kips Bay Showroom in 2006. It was also shown in House Beautiful and Veranda. That might help narrow the search.

  2. Looks like Brunswig and Fils. Beautiful choices so far! Good luck.



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