8:00 AM

As of today, Google Reader/Google Friends Connect is dunzo. I'm not really sure what brought about this change, but it's definitely made for a mad scramble to make sure all my favorite blogs are saved so I'm not lost forever.

I have the list of my favorites on my Blog List, which is great for helping others find awesome new blogs. Not so much for every day reading though. Having to open every one to see if there's been a new post can get crazy. I recently linked my blog up to BLOGLOVIN and I've been loving it! All my favorite blogs and their new posts are back in one place and it makes it so easy to follow along. As long as you have an account you can follow any blog you want without having to put in your email address every single time like with GFC. Make sure you follow my blog over there so you can easily catch up on the newest posts!

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