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Ever since I took a nutrition class in college, I've been pretty health conscious. I actually would have switched my major if I hadn't already been halfway done at that point.

It definitely doesn't mean that I always eat healthy, but I'm definitely more aware. In the past year, I've been making a better effort to eat more organic foods and use healthier cleaning products. It's so nice to now clean the shower without a coughing attack and feeling terrible for hours afterward.

Organic Cleaning Products (that I've tried):
Mrs. Meyers (the basil scent is my favorite)
The Honest Company
Seventh Generation (I cannot stand how these smell)
White vinegar and baking soda will also do wonders for a dirty bathroom.

This change started when Robyn O'Brien came to talk to our company. As a mom of kids with allergies, her quest was to find ways to alleviate her children's health issues. She found the answer in organic food.

Her book is a really great read. It also finally helped me make the connection between an allergic reaction I would occasionally have while eating salad to the lettuce not being organic. I am now "that girl" that has to ask if a salad is made with organic lettuce. 

To continue my further submersion into the world of organics, Jessica Alba's "The Honest Life" is on my Nook and waiting to be read on our way to New York. 

Going organic can be a little difficult at first. I know that I felt like I needed to get rid of everything in our pantry and fridge and start fresh with only organic things (I didn't).

What I always buy organic:
Milk/dairy products
Seafood (Wild Caught)

It creeps me out to think about all the fish and shrimp in the fish farms in China that wind up in our grocery stores. No thank you. I also love getting our spices from Penzey's and our olive oil from Midtown Olive Press.

Here is a list of the "Dirty Dozen" (the 12 foods you should ALWAYS buy organic):
Sweet bell peppers
Cherry tomatoes
Hot peppers

Where to shop:
Most grocery stores have an organic section, but these are my favorite.

I'm still working on the whole eating organic while we're out part. We are lucky to have some great restaurants that source from local farmers and make an avid effort to be organic.

Do you eat organic? Do you have any other helpful tips?
Please share!

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