Happy {Holiday} Weekend!

9:09 AM

I hope everyone's enjoying their (hopefully) long weekend. 
We have a housewarming party for some friends tonight, but other than that, our weekend is easy breezy. 

I finally designed our wedding album using Artifact Uprising. They're a new-er company that uses 100% recycled paper, has great customer service, and is completely based and produced in America. Since they're pretty new, there are a few functions in creating an album that would be nice to have that they didn't, but overall, it was a really easy process. It should take 2-3 weeks to get here and I can't wait to see it!

Did you have a much more exciting holiday weekend planned than we do? (I'm sure you do!) What are y'all doing? You might just give me the inspiration I need to spend the weekend being productive or adventurous instead of lazy. 

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