{Holiday} Weekend Recap

8:00 AM

The fourth ended up being a much busier day for us than we had originally planned. Brandon's new office furniture came in earlier in the week, so we headed downtown to get everything situated for him. His firm has been so fantastic when it comes to decorating his office. They know that he spends a lot of time there, so they want it to be as comfortable for him as possible. They let him paint his office whatever color he wanted, got new office furniture, and lots of other amazing things. We still have a little left to do, but it's definitely much better than it was.

I'm seriously obsessed with the green on his walls!

By the time we had a chance to stop and eat dinner, it was really late, so we did kabobs on the grill. I've really been in a watermelon mood lately and I seriously could have just had that for dinner. So good.

We also made s'mores! Apparently Brandon had never made a s'more before? Crazy! We were originally planning on being lame and staying home for fireworks, but Meredith convinced us to go downtown with her and Kevin. 

We ended up watching the fireworks from the roof of Brandon's office building. So neat!

The rest of the weekend (for the most part) consisted of me doing nothing and Brandon working. We did get to go to our friend's housewarming party on Saturday night. Most of our favorites were there, so the girls had a great time chatting while the boys drank way to much.

Keg stands? Really boys? I was like...are we in college or do some of us have babies? I'm pretty sure they were all feeling it the next day. 

Whole Foods has peonies again! It's been so random when they've had them this year. I always have to get a bundle whenever they have them. They're such a good deal! Right now they're 5 stems for $14.99.

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  1. I was just on vaca for a week and feel so worthless from not working out...and it's so hard to get motivated to get back into it! I feel your pain.




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