Meal Planning: Week 13

8:00 AM

So last week our meal planning didn't go as planned at all. The only thing we ate that I had planned was sushi with the girl's on Monday. Sometimes it's just how things work out. And who am I to say no to a spontaneous date night with my husband at Cowfish?

We also don't normally end up having this pizza as much as I'm planning on. We normally end up going out to eat on Fridays, but I at least try to plan on us eating in.

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  1. You are so good to plan ahead like this. I did that for the month of June, but this month has been so crazy that I don't think about dinner until 6 pm or later most days.

    You're inspiring me to get back to planning things out a little better.

    1. Thanks! It definitely makes it easier to not eat out when I have it planned out. Not that we always go by this...but it's definitely better than having no idea and wandering through the grocery storm aimlessly - or what usually happens - I call Brandon to pick something up on his way home.



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