Mom's Wedding: The Reception

8:00 AM

Lunch was a choice of three brother chose all three. 

I was starting to cry (like I always do when I try to give a toast)...
Then I looked down at my ringing phone and then at my cousin, "Are you calling me?"
That got a big laugh and helped with the tears. Thanks Adam!

Y'all. When my grandpa got up to talk it was the sweetest thing ever. He started to get emotional and tear up and Flis (my stepgrandmother and his wife of around 40 years) said it was the first time she'd ever seen him cry.

This is her telling us that.

Aunt Marcia saying that she's going to let Uncle Drew do the talking.

Dales all, "Yea right, Marsh."

Dales like, "Give me that." But really. The whole weekend he was like, "Is it time for cake?"

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