Cleaning out my Closet

11:25 AM

Brandon's been super crazy with work lately, so I've taken to organizing closets and trying to be smarter about keeping what I really like but don't need versus what I'll actually wear. Since graduating, I don't have a use for a lot of the things I used to love and wear all the time - or have dresses that I only wore once to a cocktail.

I've decided to list a bunch of it on eBay to help clean things out a bit since we're not working with a lot of closet space in our little home. I'm listing lots of great stuff that I wish I still had a use for, but sadly don't.

Among the stuff are two of my favorite tailgating dresses from Vestique by Judith March. They're the best dresses and I always got tons of compliments when I wore them, and I'd love them to go to a new happy home where they'll get lots of love and wear.

I also listed Brandon's tuxedo that he wore 3 times while we were still in college. It's a great tuxedo for formals when it's not a huge deal to not have the best quality tux - and this option is definitely cheaper then renting. There's also a camel hair blazer from Jos A. Bank that's in perfect condition, but it's too big for Brandon.

Check it out here.
I priced things extremely reasonably (especially compared to what I paid for them) and they all have free shipping.

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  1. Going to look closer when the babes are asleep. I think we're the same size down to the size 8.5 shoes and I will totally buy some of your loot!



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