Happy Weekend!

9:51 AM

Sorry for being completely MIA this week. Things have been crazy around the office and I've been too exhausted once I got home to even think about opening a computer. We're getting a second marketing person at work and we've opened my office and the one connected to mine to make it one large office. I'm loving the new layout and it's definitely going to make for better social interaction around the office.

This weekend is super exciting for a couple of reasons.

First, my baby brother is turning 21! I know that most people are sad when they're siblings get older, but I'm honestly so excited about it. My brother is such a cool person and it's going to be amazing getting to go out for drinks with him and also not having to worry about whether or not he's able to order a drink at family dinners.

Photo by Kellie Kano
I'm so sad I won't be able to go out and celebrate with him on Saturday, and what we'll be doing is literally the only thing I would miss his birthday for.

Sarah's getting married!!

I think that going to weddings as someone who's married has made me appreciate and love them even more. I know how much it means to make that promise and it makes me so happy to see that love and happiness in our friends and family. 

Sarah and Brian are awesome and so much fun to hang out with. Sarah's my oldest friend and Brandon and Brian get along great (and share a love of bourbon). I'm so happy that they're living in Chapel Hill now so we can see them on a more regular basis. It's also going to be fun getting to address their mail to "The Doctors Milam." 
photo by Mark Potter

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  1. Love you friend! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!



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