Happy Weekend!

1:17 PM

I honestly didn't think Friday would ever get here. Brandon's been gone all week and he'll finally get home this afternoon. In almost 6 years together, this is the longest we've ever been a part (add on me being gone for Sarah's wedding) and it's been almost a week and a half. I'm not a fan. There are lots of things that we "need" to do this weekend, but I'm planning on at least our morning being super relaxing. Breakfast in bed, anyone?

Thanks for the input about my hair yesterday! I'm still a little torn, so on what to do, so I'll keep you updated.

Can y'all get over this weather?! This is how it was when we were in Cooperstown and I was in heaven. It's supposed to get warm again next week, but this taste of cooler weather has me ready for all things Fall.

Tomorrow night we're celebrating my brother's 21st birthday at Lantern in Chapel Hill. We've never been before and are definitely looking forward to it after all the great things we've heard.

Madewell is had marked all their dresses down 20% so go check it out! I'm loving this dress.

J.Crew's offering an additional 30% off their sale items. I might have to check it out with my recent closet purging.

Speaking of...don't forget to check out all the stuff I listed on eBay! If you want something, but don't want to deal with eBay and bidding, email me at southerninlove@gmail.com!

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