Long or Short(er)?

10:05 AM

As women, is it just something we do - contemplate our hair on a regular basis? I grew my hair out for our wedding last year and then about a month after, got my "wife chop." I really loved the length, but decided to grow it out again. Part of that I think was due to lazy-ness and my inability to get a regular haircut.

I think I question my hair length more than others because I've never had my hair colored (nor will I ever - especially if it's up to my mother). I have lots of natural highlights that I'm terrified would go away forever if I insulted them with color.

July 2012

In college, my hair was much shorter than it's been in years. It was regularly above my shoulders and sometimes got dangerously close to chin length. Looking back at pictures, I'll never cut it that short again. I definitely looked a lot older than I was and who wants that?!

I stumbled across this picture of Kate Beckinsale the other day and besides for loving everything she has on, her hair looks great. It's definitely making me contemplate cutting my hair a little shorter. I'd probably only have to cut about two inches to get it to her length.

But then I think about my long hair dreams...

I'd love to be able to put my hair into a fishtail braid, but it'd have to grow a lot more (probably 4-6 inches) to look as good as the one in the picture below. Also, not everyone can pull off hair this long. Sometimes it gets stringy and it most definitely takes much longer to do. I'm not sure what mine would do, but I'd hate to spend all that time growing it our for it to not look good.

Thoughts? What would you do if you were me?

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  1. I switch between super long and shoulder length hair. I personally like it best when it's 3 inches past by shoulder because it's versatile enough to do things with, but not so long that it's a terrible burden (it takes forever to dry when it's long!).

    I think you look fantastic with short hair, but you have great body, so long hair would look amazing on you!

    That's my non-answer answer.

  2. I am so jealous of your natural hair color! I am now trying to re-discover mine after years of heavy highlighting and beach days bleaching out my hair. I could go either way with the length too. If you have never tried long hair, I say give it a try!

  3. I've never colored my hair either! I'm a bit biased, but I've been itching to cut mine so I say go for the chop! Two inches is no biggie and you could quickly grow it back if you change your mind!



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