Happy Halloween!

8:00 AM

Happy Halloween!
Did any of you dress up for work today?

Brandon and I are pretty low maintenance for Halloween. We carved our pumpkin last night and are planning on a quiet night in, watching "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" (and Scandal, of course) and handing out candy to the 10 trick-or-treaters we'll probably get. I normally buy way too much candy, so I'm hoping that our one bag will be just enough this year.

Also, did y'all see the post on SMP yesterday about UNREAL candy? I'm totally sold. I can't find it at any stores in Raleigh or I would have returned our already purchased Halloween candy. It's definitely what's going to be in our candy bowl next year!

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  1. That's so cool about the Unreal candy! I've never heard of it before but hope to purchase some soon to satisfy my sweet tooth! Happy Halloween!

  2. I have found Unreal candy in Wilmington at the Target. Not so sure about up here though! Hope yall had a great Halloween!



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