Monday Monday Monday

10:49 AM

I'm with NeNe on this one. 
Can't we just have one more day of weekend? Who gets Columbus Day off anyways? 

We had a pretty great weekend and I'm definitely sad to see it go (although pumpkin spice coffee at work does make it a little easier). We celebrated Dale's birthday at Angus on Friday night and spent the entire day out at Carter Finley on Saturday. Despite the rainy, gross day (and embarrassing loss), we had a great time spending it with friends.

When we looked at the forecast, it said mostly cloudy with no chance of rain. Liiiiiieeessss. Luckily, mom was downtown getting her haircut by Steven, the absolute best best best, so she swung by our house and brought me my rain jacket.

Sunday we went and picked out pumpkins and got somebody a rain jacket because they didn't have one. We got a normal size pumpkin for fancy carving, but I had to get a baby one again this year because it was just too cute last year.

Did y'all do anything fun this weekend? Are you over this overcast weather too?

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  1. Yay! So glad the blogging is back!

  2. The rain was afwul this weekend! We found a place to live in Cary and were able to stop by the farmers market!



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