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8:00 AM

I'm so excited to share our gallery wall with y'all! I've been planning on doing this for ages, and finally got down to it. I love the way it turned out! I wish I was able to get better pictures, but it's pretty impossible to photograph. There are three windows in this room, so the glass reflects a lot, even when it's dark.

It looks really good in person and I think it adds a lot to the room.

I knew I wanted to do a mix of prints, photos, and other pieces and really think the wall incorporates both of our personalities.

I first laid out all the pieces I had so far on the ground so I could get an idea of the layout and see how everything would look. It also helped me see I needed to get a few more pieces.

After I gathered all my frames and pieces, I cut out pieces of craft paper and taped them to the wall around the tv. This was really helpful to get a true visual of what everything would look like after it was hung. It was a lot easier to make changes and move things around when they were just taped to the wall. 

The pieces:

The mini federal mirror mimics a larger one that Brandon has in his office.

I looked at a lot of letters and am so happy I went with the zinc M from Anthropologie.

Photos: I picked three of our favorite wedding photos for the gallery wall. Two of them are just the two of us and the third is us with our bridal party.

Julia Lapham Prints:
The first print from Julia I got was a print she already had in her shop, but I had her change the border on it. I love the way it turned out. She used the border below with the quote: "I love you more than yesterday less than tomorrow."

The other print she did for us was  a custom piece and my favorite part of our gallery wall. I had her make a custom family crest for us. The center is a bulldog because that is Brandon's "inner/spirit animal" as given by one of our good friends who "knows these things." I could not be happier with the way it turned out and am so happy that she's gotten more custom order requests from people who have seen ours. 

I had a gift card from Pottery Barn and they were having 20% off on all their frames, so I used their gallery frames in modern white. I love how crisp and clean the white looks against our walls. 

My cousin used their Lee Gallery Frames for her gallery wall and I love how that looks too!

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  1. Hey sweetie! I love your gallery wall and all of your posts for that matter!! On a different topic, check out my blog post from today; I nominated you for the Liebster Award :) Hope you have a fantastic day girl! xoxo



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